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COVID - 19 regulations require wearing masks while on the course.

Can I drink on the course?

You bet! We feature drink tables by every hole, so between putts, you can park any libations purchased at our bar. 

Can I eat on the course?

We ask that you enjoy your food off the golf course. There is seating in the Club House on the second floor.

Are kid's allowed?

We welcome children under 21 years of age until 8pm every day and all day Sundays.

How long does the course take to play?

About 45 minutes to an hour. We recommend allowing 20 minutes (on average) for wait time. 

Do you take golf reservations?

We require reservations for all golfers, walk-ins are subject to current availability.   

How long is the wait?

This can be hard to predict, but we say to allow for a short 20 minute wait. 

Please note, if it is raining we highly recommend reservations!

Enjoy the Club House on the second floor after or before a round of Mini-Golf!

Urban Putt is now requiring reservations for all tee times.

Is there parking near by?

Parking in the Mission can be difficult. There are garages nearby: Mission-Bartlett Garage and California Parking.

(Urban Putt is not responsible for any actions that may take place on these off property sites.)

Can I bring in a Birthday Cake?

Yes, we have a $15 fee. We will store, present and provide everything you need to enjoy it! You are also welcome to bring in a cupcakes on the main floor for an informal birthday party.

Can I bring in decorations?

You are welcome to bring in flowers, balloons etc. We ask that you not stick anything to the walls and glitter/confetti are prohibited. We ask that you take any decorations with you when you leave, or dispose of them. 

Is the course handicap accessible?

The first half of the course is wheelchair accessible. We also have an elevator to go to the Club House. There is a second entrance around the back without steps, just ask the front desk for assistance.