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Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are for dinner at a table in our upstairs restaurant. Mini-golf is first come-first serve.

Are kids allowed?

We welcome children under 21 years of age up until 8pm Tuesdays-Sundays (closed Mondays).

How long does the course take to play?

About 40 minutes when we're slow, about an hour during peak hours.  

Is the course handicap accessible?

Most of the course is wheelchair accessible. We also have an elevator to go to the upstairs restaurant. There is a second entrance around the back without steps; just ask the front desk for assistance.

How does eating and drinking now work?

Drinks are allowed on the golf course, we ask that food be enjoyed off the course. Food and drinks can be ordered at the bar or in the upstairs restaurant. 

Is there parking near by?

Parking in the Mission can be difficult. There are two garages nearby: Mission-Bartlett Garage at 3255 21st Street and California Parking Garage at 2351 Mission St.

(Urban Putt is not responsible for any actions that may take place at these off-property sites.)

When are you busy?

Peak times are typically 6pm on for Friday and Saturday evenings. If it is raining, expect a crowd!