Introducing Urban Putt: San Francisco’s Only, Suitably Quirky, Mini-Golf Course


Putt of Course – A Mini-Golf Bar with Chicken and Waffles: Hell Yes

Listen, sometimes an indoor, 14-hole mini-golf course opens as part of a new bar and restaurant… Sometimes that happens, and there’s simply no choice but to go there and be amazed. And so it is with great thankfulness that you find yourself living in a world alongside Urban Putt, the city’s only… place that’s like this place…


Urban Putt: Quite possibly the best thing to happen to the Mission  

“What if we told you that you could golf in The Mission? Okay, fair point, but what if we told you that you could drink while golfing? Riiiiight? Alright, now what if we told you it was miniature golf and the course looks like a mini-SF complete with a Transamerica… windmill? ….

Inside Scoop

How to navigate Urban Putt, San Francisco’s only mini golf course

Once [Urban Putt] opened last week, it became the only miniature golf course within at least nine miles of San Francisco. It’s in the Mission, inside a former mortuary. With a bar, and bar snacks. And handmade holes inspired by San Francisco landmarks and architecture. …


Urban Putt—The Mission’s Newest Bar, Mini Golf Course—Opens Today

… In total, 65 designers were involved with the project, from architects to sound designers to set painters, all working to create the many various aspects of this 14-hole, steampunk-meets-Rube-Goldberg experience. …

SF Eater

The Bay Area Heatmap: Where To Eat NOW

Tee off on SF’s only mini-golf course, housed inside a Mission building that also includes an upstairs restaurant serving Chicago-style pizza and other comfort foods. There are ‘adult sippy cups’ and other munchables if you want to eat and drink on the fairway, or hit the downstairs bar after you play a round.

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